Since I am so slow going uphill, I get around early and leave camp before the others at 6:45.  The Tanner Trail is a continuous uphill slog, but I seem to be making pretty good time.  Maybe after five days of hiking, I have worked myself into better shape.

Leaving Tanner Rapids
10-23-2015 @ 7:04
Looking back at the River
10-23-2015 @ 8:16
The Redwall up ahead
10-23-2015 @ 9:17

     I pass the one spot where some people are a little concerned with the exposure.  I have never considered it to have much exposure.

  Spot with minor exposure
10-23-2015 @ 9:21

     The Redwall is a daunting obstacle, but I trudge all the way to the top.  I have camped several times at the Juniper tree shown below.  The views of the River from here are really good.

Approaching the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 9:28
On top the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 10:50
Colorado River
10-23-2015 @ 10:51

     You then climb up a little before making one big loop past Cardenas Butte.  From a distance, you can see the upper sections of the Tanner Trail.  At full zoom on my camera, those upper sections seem almost vertical.

Upper Tanner Trail in the distance
10-23-2015 @ 11:37
Upper Tanner Trail in the distance
10-23-2015 @ 11:37

     At the south end of this loop, I take several pictures of the Desert View Watchtower at different zoom settings on my camera.  Designed by Mary Jane Colter and completed in 1932, its placement offers fantastic views looking down the Tanner Trail all the way to the Colorado River.  There are numerous people at the Watchtower.  Since I can only see them at full zoom on my camera, I wonder if they have any idea there are people hiking below.

Desert View Watchtower
No zoom
10-23-2015 @ 12:19
Desert View Watchtower
Partial zoom
10-23-2015 @ 12:19
Desert View Watchtower
Full zoom
10-23-2015 @ 12:20

     I pull into camp around 1:00.  I hope the two gallons of water I cached a week ago are still here.  Sure enough, they are in the same bush where I hid them.  That is a good thing, because I did not bring any extra water.  I think I'll take a little nap until the others arrive.

Cardenas Butte
10-23-2015 @ 12:37
10-23-2015 @ 1:01

     The others leave camp about an hour after I did.  The following six rows of pictures were taken by Adrian.

Leaving Tanner Rapids
10-23-2015 @ 7:45
Climbing up Tanner
10-23-2015 @ 8:08
Looking back at the River
10-23-2015 @ 8:28

     We meet two guys coming down the Tanner Trail.  One is wearing rabbit ears.  Obviously, these guys are having a good time.

An unabashed guy
10-23-2015 @ 8:52
Another hiker
10-23-2015 @ 8:53

     We make our way up the trail toward the Redwall.

Climbing up the Tanner Trail
10-23-2015 @ 10:34
Climbing up the Tanner Trail
10-23-2015 @ 10:36
Climbing up the Tanner Trail
10-23-2015 @ 10:37

     At the base of the Redwall, we take a break.  There is one flat spot here where I camped on a prior hike.

Approaching the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 10:47
Approaching the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 10:48
A break below the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 11:05

     Then it's long grind up the Redwall.  A small celebration is in order upon reaching the top.  The views from here are fantastic.

Craig above the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 12:12
Adrian and Emily above the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 12:15
Craig and Traci above the Redwall
10-23-2015 @ 12:16

     We make our way around the loop by Cardenas Butte and take a short break near a big rock.

  Taking a break
10-23-2015 @ 12:56

     Around 2:30 we reach camp.  After unloading our gear, everyone decides to congregate on the west side of Stegosaurus Rock where we can consume some adult beverages.  We have a nice visit while enjoying the great views looking down 75-Mile Creek.

Emily, Traci, and Richard
10-23-2015 @ 4:02
Looking down 75-Mile Creek
10-23-2015 @ 4:02
10-23-2015 @ 4:02

     It's getting late, so we go back to camp and set up our tents.

  Richard's tent
10-23-2015 @ 4:45
Craig's tent
10-23-2015 @ 4:46
Traci's tent
10-23-2015 @ 4:46
Adrian and Emily's tent
10-23-2015 @ 4:46

     Our camp would not be complete without our mascot proudly displayed on a nearby rock.

  Camp mascot
10-23-2015 @ 4:50

     After supper, Traci gets out the electronic word game she brings on every hike.  During one of the puzzles, she breaks out in a continuous laugh.  Her laugh is so genuine, it is infectious and the rest of us break out laughing.  Since we are several thousand feet higher than the River, this should be the coldest night of the hike. 


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