The rain has finally stopped when we get up this morning.  Everything in camp is completely soaked.

Wet and soggy tents
10-22-2015 @ 7:29
A wet tent
10-22-2015 @ 7:29

     After breakfast, we start breaking camp.  The bad thing about packing away a wet tent is that it feels like the weight you are carrying has doubled.  We try our best to dry our stuff out some by hanging everything on nearby bushes.

Traci having breakfast
10-22-2015 @ 7:52
Traci breaking camp
10-22-2015 @ 9:28
Richard having breakfast
10-22-2015 @ 7:53

     Since I am a slower hiker than the others, I finish packing and leave camp before they do.  Geez Louise.  In the rush to get away, I completely forgot about Yoga class this morning.

Emily and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 11:01
Emily and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 11:01
Emily and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 11:02
Emily and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 11:02
Emily and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 11:02
Emily and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 11:04

     It is just over three miles to Tanner Rapids.  This section of the trail is relatively flat, but it does have a few drainages you have to get through.  In one section near the River, I see some clear pothole water on a flat rock area.  I stop and filter two quarts since it will be infinitely easier here than filtering muddy river water later.

The trail to Tanner Rapids
10-22-2015 @ 10:27
The Trail to Tanner Rapids
10-22-2015 @ 12:01

     The others are about one or two hours behind me.

The others on the trail
10-22-2015 @ 11:36
The others on the trail
10-22-2015 @ 12:12
The others on the trail
10-22-2015 @ 12:16

     There are some nice views looking down River.

  Looking down River
10-22-2015 @ 1:46

     There is a sandy area just west of Tanner Rapids that is off-limits to camping.  I have passed this re-vegetation area a couple of times, but I don't recall seeing this sign before.  Just before reaching camp, I meet Bruce and Terri from Oregon.  They are headed to Cardenas Creek.

Re-vegetation sign
10-22-2015 @ 12:16
Bruce and Terri
10-22-2015 @ 12:37

     I pull into the empty primo campsite at Tanner Rapids and set my stuff down in an isolated spot.  This campsite has a great kitchen area and several individual camp spots.  I'm a little hungry, so I'm going to have lunch right now instead of waiting for the others to arrive.  In a few minutes, two young ladies come into camp wearing life jackets.  They are hunting for a camp spot for their rafting group of sixteen.  After advising them that this site is taken, they wander down stream.  The others pull into camp around 2:00 and we begin setting up our tents.    

Richard's tent
10-22-2015 @ 2:11
Craig's tent
10-22-2015 @ 2:11
Adrian and Emily setting up camp
10-22-2015 @ 2:11

     We gather around the kitchen and relax all afternoon while consuming some adult beverages.  I was hoping the rain was over, but we get a little light rain for a while this afternoon.

Richard, Emily, and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 3:34
Our group "selfie" at camp
10-22-2015 @ 3:36
Emily, Adrian, and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 3:38

     Several hiking groups come through our camp this afternoon looking for a place to spend the night.  Most move on to the west a little ways.

Tanner Rapids
10-22-2015 @ 5:00
Emily, Traci, and Craig
10-22-2015 @ 5:02

     Craig, Traci, Emily, and Adrian explore some east of the rapids.  They find some very interesting rocks.

Craig and Traci
10-22-2015 @ 5:04
Traci, Craig, and Emily
10-22-2015 @ 5:09
10-22-2015 @ 5:09

     The light rain we had earlier this afternoon finally moves on leaving a pretty rainbow and sunset.  Hopefully, we are through with rain for this hike.

10-22-2015 @ 5:15
A cloudy sunset
10-22-2015 @ 5:40

     I am getting a special treat as Craig and Traci are cooking me pizza tonight.  It has pepperoni and cheese and is fantastic.  They learned how to do this from Adrian.  On the Grand Canyon Hikers Forum, Adrian is so good at doing this that he has acquired the moniker, "The Pizza Man."

Cooking pizza
10-22-2015 @ 6:02
Richard with pizza
10-22-2015 @ 6:06
Adrian with pizza
10-22-2015 @ 6:40

     Tomorrow we are hiking up to Stegosaurus Rock for the night.


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